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OUR NEW CATALOG; #15 (#14 is no longer available online) is now available below as a free (low resolution, black & white) download to preview. So download our  catalog here for free, just hit the #15.pdf button below. If you want to bid with just the download, and don’t need a catalog, then there is a $20.00 fee. If you want a printed catalog then the catalog cost is $20.00 plus postage so those total costs are: $26.45 via Priority mail for the US and $44.50 via 1st class mail for Canada or overseas. In this manner, everyone, regardless if they have Internet or not, or live overseas can still participate, without high postage fees or not having access to a computer.

The links (PayPal & E-mail) below will allow you to purchase bidding rights or a catalog.

Just to be sure, only ONE {1} $20.00 fee is charged.

If you buy a $20.00 catalog you have bidding rights.

Bidding rights only: price is $20.00, but no catalog or postage fees. If you decide during the auction you want a catalog we will be happy to mail you one with only the addition of  the postal fee.

But either way you still get the prices realized, and hopefully an invoice.

Bid sheet download link ->  #15bid sheet.pdf


You may pay with a visa or master card, personal or bank check, [drawn on a US bank branch], or a U.S. postal money order made payable to:

Pete deCoux
14940 N. Brenda Road
Prescott, AZ 86305-5619
or please use our ctgs@commspeed.net  address for  PayPal  payment.

If you are a new bidder with us please note the address you want the catalog shipped to, on your PayPal payment.

Bids, payments or questions can be received by 
phone: 928-776-8285,  fax: 928-776-0621,  or e-mail: ctgs@commspeed.net

The rules covering how our sales are run, and the suggestions of how to bid, can be found on several pages in the both front and back of the catalog. Please read them carefully, and please feel free to ask questions.

Catalog shipping cost is: $6.45 for US buyers
$24.50 for Canada and overseas buyers


The prices realized are usually mailed within three days, from the sale end, to all catalog buyers.

If we sent you a post card or a letter notice of the sale, and the address was INCORRECT, or you wish the catalog sent to another address, please advise us by phone or e-mail. Otherwise the catalog will go to the address in the computer. 

Bidders must be over twenty one (21) years of age, and able to legally possess / own any items bid upon, and must conform to the current laws of their country, state, or county of residence. All bidders MUST submit a singed bid sheet

PAST CATALOGSpast_catalogs.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

Download our new catalog [#15] to see what is offered.

This is a low resolution download, the whole catalog, in printed quality, is well over 300 MEG in size

Catalogs will be mailed in November and sale close is December 3rd, 2016